Our elementary school opened in 1896 on the first floor of the Sullivan Building, the flagship building of Salem State University (then called the Salem State Normal School). Since our founding, we have benefited from a close relationship with Salem State University, which sends eager education students to our school to support our mission and learn the art of teaching. Though we are no longer located on Salem State University Campus, our values and relationship with them remain the same. 

Educating the Whole Child

At HMLS we recognize that students require academic and social-emotional skills as well as regular physical activity in order to succeed. We work to foster a warm, welcoming atmosphere where students are willing to take chances and be supportive of one-another. We incorporate a social emotional program, and utilize Caring School Community, which helps us to create a safe, challenging and joyful environment.

Unique Attributes

Student Teacher/Fellows, and Curriculum Block Students: Each semester we have student teachers, fellows, and Curriculum Block Students (juniors in Education Programs). They are able to teach small reading and math groups, assist students with their class work, as well as support the classroom teacher in unique projects.

STEM: As part of our weekly specials, STEM is an option for all students K-1 to participate and engage in hands-on learning activities. Students plan, design, test, and get creative with various topics that all incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Technology: We are happy that every student in HMLS is provided with a 1:1 chromebook to use technology in the classroom. 

Outside Learning Spaces: HMLS has a beautiful outdoor learning space and a garden that all our classes are encouraged to use! 

Community Building: Once a month, HMLS proudly hosts a House Day with a whole school assembly and then community building activities by House. The House system develops student leadership and community across grade levels. House activities promote healthy competition and sportsmanship.

School Newspaper: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! HMLS offers an enrichment opportunity after school for Grades 4-5 to work together in creating a school wide newspaper, 

Instrument Program: Students in grades 4-5 are offered free instrumental lessons during the school day for beginners that are interested in learning to play a wide variety of instruments offered here at HMLS. 

Project Based Learning: See more about this in our after school programs being offered here at HMLS! 

Academic Programs

Our literacy program is built on the foundations of guided reading and the workshop model. One hallmark of guided reading is that each child is assessed completely at the beginning and middle of each school year and taught with a small group of students at his or her instructional level – these groups are fluid, and change with the needs of the child to make sure they are always learning at the level ‘just right’ for them. In grades PK-5, teachers use the myView curriculum as a roadmap to lead students through a rich and diverse experience with literature and fundamental reading skills.

In mathematics, we are committed to the Eureka program at all grade levels through a workshop model approach. Math Workshop approach allows for deeper conceptual understanding and provides the opportunity for  small group instruction geared to personal needs.  Students in grades K-5 also use ST Math as part of the core curriculum. ST Math is a visual instructional program that leverages the brain’s spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems.  

Community Involvement

Our school is supported by an active Parent Teacher Committee. They organize social events for parents new to the school, help bring in cultural events, and organize fund-raisers. We worked with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to roll out a Safe Routes to School, which builds community through organized, safe walking and bicycling programs.

After School Programs 

HMLS Enrichment programming are The Husky Herald Newspaper and Student Voice.

The district partners with a wide variety of community partners to provide educational support services for our students out of school.

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