Our SSU Partnership

Since our founding in 1912, the Horace Mann Laboratory School has benefited from a close relationship with Salem State University, which sends eager education students to our school to support our mission and learn the art of teaching from our teacher-supervisors.

Our connection to Salem State University provides our students and faculty, as well as those of the university, many benefits. Teacher-supervisors are experienced educators who work closely with university students to model best practices in curriculum and instruction and provide professional guidance, advice and support. We welcome university students at all levels of their educational careers. Every year HMLS hosts juniors, seniors and graduate teacher candidates who are enrolled in teacher licensure programs. As they progress through the program, they assume more responsibility in the classrooms, coached and supervised by the HMLS teachers. Teacher fellows, in the 5th year of their teacher preparation program, receive a stipend and spend a full year at HMLS, working full-time, 5 days per week, and are an integral part of the school community. 

Our connection to Salem State University provides numerous benefits to our students and staff. Horace Mann students enjoy the advantage of the enthusiasm of young educators who bring new ideas and fresh approaches to our classrooms. Additionally, university students work with small groups of our students during literacy and math times, providing extra academic support and smaller student-teacher ratios. 

The partnership between Salem State University and the Horace Mann Laboratory School has been a long and successful one. We are proud of this relationship and hope for its continuation for future students and faculty of both schools.